Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It seems like I am in the habit of waiting over a month to post updates.  I am determined to stay up and do this update tonight.  We had such a wonderful holiday season with Andrew.  It was so much fun taking him to our family Christmas parties.  Andrew got to meet even more family members!  Andrew didn't really get the concept of Christmas this year.  He did enjoy the wrapping paper on the gifts, but that was about it.  But we sure had so much fun with Andrew.  

Andrew also had his 18 month checkup in December.  Andrew is still in the 1st percentile in
 weight but he is in the 21st percentile in height.  He is at that finicky age where food may or may not interest him, depending on the mood.  Sometimes Andrew is more interested in the texture and feel of the food.  There are meals when he eats well, and meals when he doesn't eat much at all.  Vernon and I always eat with Andrew (at least as much as we can), and that is supposed to encourage eating.  And he loves his Pediasure milkshake, which we give daily to him, just to supplement what he is eating.

Andrew also began occupational therapy last month.  His occupational therapist (OT) works on a wide variety of skills with Andrew, from sitting in a kneeling position to working with a spoon.  There are other fun activities as well, such as swinging and climbing at his therapy.  We are already seeing much improvement in Andrew's skill level.  Andrew still faces a challenge with sensory overload at times.  Meaning, when too many sights, sounds, and movements are thrown at him all at once, Andrew might act a little hesitant, which can manifest itself in clenched fists, a blank stare, or most commonly now with drooling.  It is categorized as a mild issue, so we work on activities designed to help him begin to process all of the new sights and sounds he is experiencing a bit better.  

Andrew is also walking now!  It is the cute beginning stages of walking, where he will take 10 or 12 steps, looking like he will keel over at any minute.  It is amazing to see how much strength he has developed.  He is also saying words, which is quite surprising to us, as we really weren't expecting this so soon.  He says "mama", "bye-bye", "uh-oh", and "car".  A friend at church jokingly noted that those are the same words he will be saying as a teenager - mama, car, bye-bye, and uh-oh.  I had to laugh.

We took a family trip to the beach recently, and had a few nice hours outdoors in January.  Andrew really liked the sand and the toy dump truck in the sand.  Here are my favorite pictures from the beach:

We also went to Washington D.C. to the inauguration!  It was so much fun, although on the actual day of the inauguration, I made a last minute decision to watch it on t.v.  I am not known for braving cold temps, and I didn't want to subject Andrew to a long day.  We had a blast in D.C. the day before the inauguration, though.  Andrew got to visit with his cousin Audrey and the grown ups went to the S.C. Inaugural ball, which was so much fun.  Here is one picture of bath time and one picture in front of the White House the day before the election:
We also had a lot of fun visiting with friends in the D.C. area.  It was a very special visit.

I could post so much more.  I will finish with telling you how much Andrew's personality has developed.  He loves to have fun, has a ready smile on his face, and is quite smart and curious.  His only tough moments are when he is tired, and I must say that as a grown up, I am the same way.  I will post one last picture of that beautiful laugh of his:




Elizabeth said...

Awsome pictures, Andrew looks so happy.
I like the picture of the two in the bath tub. They have the same expression on their face, they look alike.

Carol said...

I am so glad you posted, I check your blog on by "daily" blog surf and was wondering what happened. POST more often please, A is so sweet and cute!

Becky and Keith said...

LOVE, LOVE the pictures from the beach! That is one happy little boy! So glad to see you post!

Terri and Fam said...

Christa, first when did you grow up :-) I agree with Andrew that when I am tired everyone else better get out of my way!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you for including us in your visit! :-)