Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Boy

First, for the pictures.  This is happy Andrew who is so inquisitive and wants to figure out everything:

This is athlete Andrew, whose favorite pastime is throwing a ball.  He likes to put it in my hands!
This is me and Andrew:
Andrew standing up by the piano bench:
Hungry Andrew, eating what I believe is a strategically placed cheerio.
We are doing very well.  Today we went in for a hearing test as a part of the early intervention program.  They saw some fluid in his ear so off we had to go to the pediatrician - turns out it was clear fluid and not gooky fluid, so no ear infection.  I did learn that Andrew is cutting his molars (did I say that right?).  I saw one coming in and one about to come in.  His gums are so puffy - he really has been agitated the past few days and now I see why.  She advised us to give him a bit of tylenol so I did that tonight.  I hope he will sleep well.  I'm glad Andrew checked out well because we will be traveling to Asheville this weekend and I am hoping we have a nice first weekend getaway with Andrew.  We hope to go to an apple orchard and maybe go on a hayride.  We'll see how things go!  I have to pack but have procrastinated by blogging, which I suppose is a good type of procrastination.  Andrew kept me going today so I didn't have much time to pack like I thought I might.  Anyway, I hope everyone is well!  We will report in after our trip.



Friday, October 10, 2008

Hurricane Andrew

Pictures are at the end of the post!

Having been reminded by Vernon's Granddaddy that I have not posted an update since September 20, I am at the computer on a Friday night typing away.  Actually, Vernon is out of town tonight and Andrew is happily asleep, so now is a good time to write.

Andrew has been home with us for just over 2 months!  I was looking at some of his pictures when we first met him June 4th, and he has certainly grown - physically and in personality.  When we left the baby home, one of his caregivers, I believe it was Oksana, told us Andrew loved to play with his food.  When he came home with us he displayed some playfulness with his food, but was really intent on eating.  Now he is becoming more playful.  We have so many Saltine and Cheerio casualties - food that goes straight to the floor.  I have learned to recycle some of the food.  He is also getting good at swatting the spoon.  Andrew's fun with food is a small part of a personality that is generally happy, inquisitive, and determined.  His smile is adorable and his babbling so cute.  He tends to reserve those moments for the home, though, but I'm sure as time goes by more and more of his personality will come out.

A couple of weeks ago I was very gently rear-ended as we were out running errands.  The person who ran into me was profusely apologetic, and as the policeman was doing his thing with our insurance cards, the man who gently rear-ended me asked me about Andrew.  I told him we recently adopted him from Russia.  The man mentioned he and his wife were just starting the adoption process, and it turns out we have the same adoption agency.  They are adopting through domestic adoption, and I assured him his family was in good hands.  I just thought that was a huge coincidence of sorts.  It was cute, because when I told him Andrew was doing very well, and was happy and easygoing, the man was all too ready to give me credit for that (which I declined to take credit for).  I think the guy was just thinking that my response to being gently rear-ended was a little unusual.  Once he mentioned they were adopting, I 
forgot all about being gently rear-ended and just asked him tons of questions and gave him tons of support.  

Andrew has also been introduced to college football over the past weeks.  I have some Miami Hurricane clothing for him, so he can dress like his daddy.  Unfortunately the Hurricane's have stunk the past couple of weeks, so Vernon has tried to explain to Andrew that the 'Canes are just having an 'off' year.  Maybe it is time for some Gamecock clothing for Andrew.

Anyway, Andrew has a few appointments scheduled in the next few weeks, and we are starting to look into the wonderful world of child care.  So far the place I always thought was ideal only has a 16 year wait list.  So maybe Andrew will get in soon after he gets his drivers license.  Okay, I exaggerated only slightly with the length of the wait list.  We haven't toured any places yet but will begin that process next week.  We are touring a couple of places that have availability and a couple of others with waiting lists.  I don't have to go back to work just yet, so we will have time to find the right place where Andrew will continue to thrive.

Well, that's it for now.  I am getting very sleepy.   I will post more later.  Thanks for continuing to follow our journey!  And now for the pictures...

Andrew when we first met him:

Andrew in his froggy jammies:
Hurricane Andrew walking with the lawnmower:

Andrew, Vernon and Lester the Cat:

Andrew and me: