Sunday, March 29, 2009

Andrew full speed ahead...
A squeal of delight.
Hello world.  It's me, Andrew.

After a long day of playing!

We have been a very busy but happy family.  Andrew is 21 months old now and he is the sweetest, most inquisitive boy.  Today we had an Easter egg hunt at our church, and although Andrew was not too interested in finding eggs yet, we still had a blast.  He loved going down the slide today.  He is not one for swings, however.  And now that he is walking, we spend 90% of our time chasing him.  He will always look back at us, though, and will laugh as he recognizes we are following him.  
Andrew is growing, too, although he isn't growing at rocket speed.  He is still in his 18 month clothing.  The upside is that he is getting a lot of use out of his clothes.  It has been amazing to see how much he has caught up in the past eight months at home.  He is probably 'age appropriate' for most skills now.  Andrew loves to pick up books and read to himself.  He will turn the page and go "ba...babooobee....daahh."  Or something like that.  His vocabulary is taking off, too.  This week's word is 'bubble'.  
We are planning Andrew's baptism and birthday celebration for May 31st.  We figure we will do his birthday a bit early this year, so we can catch family and friends before the vacations begin.  
Well, it is off to bed I go, but I just had to post some pictures before the day was out.  Have a nice week, everyone!