Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It has officially been over a month since I posted an update, so I will quickly try to catch everyone up!  Life has become much more interesting since I returned to work.  Andrew seems to be adapting to the change well.  The question is "Are his parents?" :).   For the most part, Andrew likes his child care - the only exception is when we leave - then he scrunches up his face and cries.  One of his teachers, Ms. Kenya, caught us before we even left one morning and told us Andrew had already stopped crying before we even made it to our cars.  So I am relieved that a) he misses us and b) that he isn't so upset that it impacts his day.  I am very observant though, and watch him carefully for signs of any kind of regression or attachment issues.  I have detected very little change.  The biggest change is that when we are home, Andrew no longer likes it when I am out of sight.  As Vernon puts it, Andrew loves his mommy.  Which makes me smile.  He is still his normal, happy, cute self, though.
Andrew begins his occupational therapy today.  I actually have to leave in just a couple of minutes for our first session.  Andrew still isn't walking, although he is getting closer every day.  The therapists we are working with feel like Andrew has so much potential and they are encouraged that they can get him in the right direction.  It does make me realize how important early intervention is, though.  The key for us is finding the balance with respect to what we do and how much do we do it.  We could probably do occupational, speech and physical therapy, but right now we are starting slowly with occupational, and will probably start some speech next year.  
Andrew is still a littler fellow - he is hovering around the 20 pound range.  We have his 18 month checkup Friday, though, and we will discuss his weight and a few other things.  Overall he is doing so well.  He loves to clap and wave bye-bye.  Vernon will make an "Andrew Sandwich" by using 2 pillows with Andrew in the middle.  Andrew loves this kind of play - especially in the mornings.  Andrew discovered our kitchen cabinets not too long ago, and is a master at pulling out the contents of the cabinets.  And yes, he has taken his first step or two, but that is about all he can manage at this point.  Oh, and he loves to play the drums.  Go figure :).  
Well, I have to run to the OT therapist for now, but will update more Christmas week!  We are so happy that Andrew turns 1 1/2 years old tomorrow (Thursday).  We will be celebrating this milestone, of course.  


Christa, Vernon and Andrew